Builds and Empowers market community

with the great potential of intelligence analysis and retention campaigns

All-in-one Community Builder & intelligence analysis


The consumption of good and services have evolved, and the trend has changed rapidly; in order to be able to engage with the customers we need to understand our customers better.
A deeper relationship is needed to truly understand the pattern and interest of our customers; hence, the idea of forming community of suppliers and customers would benefits both sides.

LOOPI helps you maximize repeat sales and attract new loyal fans

LOOPI focuses on building community & solution management, where artificial intelligence is integrated with the system to effectively segment the customers and their interest and habits; hence enabling us to target the right customers. LOOPI also focuses on loyalty and reward program to promote return sale and new sales. Helping suppliers to promote their products or services to the right group would help increase the trend for the products and services, and cut the marketing cost.


Consumers are shopping and buying on their mobile devices every day. Poket places your business right in their crosshairs and helps you sell bigger and better.


No more tedious hassle Ė kickstarting your own membership, rewards and loyalty programs with Poket is a breeze. Keep up with your best customers and what they love most about you.


Understand your customersí spending habits. Find out how much they are spending in your busiest or weakest seasons. Poketís analytics tool gives you a birdís eye view of your transactions.

Customer Profiling

LOOPI segments customer based on categorized matrix

LOOPI is designed to segment customer database based upon categorized matrix, criteria that are set to group customers. In addition to following the categorized matrix, LOOPI provides insight on how to effectively target the market based on consumption pattern and customerís interest.


Campaign and Partnership

Efficient Use of
Mobility Solution

Mobility enables you to operate and function in ways never before. With LOOPI implementing mobility solutions to enggage with customers and community, the process would be more effective and convenient.

Target Engagement

Effective Community Channel

LOOPI enables campaign creation and monitoring tool to overview the effectiveness of the campaign, in which segmented prospects would distinctly group based upon the categorized matrix..

The Benefits of LOOPI

Community Builder

We believe in the strength of community as the basis for customer and producer relation. The relationship and understanding within the community are more spesific to the interest and pattern rather than broad mass consumtion.

Repeat Sales

LOOPI aims to create secure sales by utilizing intelligence customer analysis, promotion and vouchering system delivered to the customers from their mobile; hence, LOOPI makes the community interconnected.

Loyalty Program

LOOPI is designed to reach potential customer as well as returning customer. LOOPI let user to search for new prospects, maintain or improve current campaign as well as measuring the success of campaigns

LOOPI Uses microsoft Azure

Layered Security Architecture

A layered security architecture provides differing levels of network access for each application tier. Only trusted and allowed application able to access APIs by upstream web apps.Using Azure, LOOPI may set level of restriction on public access to API applications.Hence, provides the sense of trust and security for LOOPI's users