Trust, but verify.

Ronald Reagan


We believe trust is the very essence of any successful relationship. Started from an idea of providing the common tools that are accessible to all levels of community; we believe LOOPI not only able to solve issues and level the playing field, but also improve any size of community. We hold a golden rule that earning one's trust takes hard work and dedication; hence, your satisfaction is our main goal.

A healthy market community would require economic transaction with customers with or outside community. The idea is for community to benefit as whole by maintaining and possible to expand the size of market; the bigger the market size the higher benefit each member of the community will receive.

LOOPI is dedicated to achieve that goal of empowering a market community with access to a great customer segmentation analysis, a campaign management, a customer retention system, and a business analysis tool that able to summarize data accurately, which in turn, would be able to provide prediction for future action.